Who We Serve

Empowering Individuals and Organizations Through Healthy Living

InsideOut Dynamics, Inc. is a private practice that functions as a community-based resource to provide competent, compassionate counseling services that will promote healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual development to equip families and individuals for effective living.

Our Approach

At InsideOut Dynamics, we believe people are best helped with care that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Our treatment process promotes growth and change, positive relationships, personal values, and healthy behavior patterns. It is this total approach to life that distinguishes our services from other providers.

Why We Exist

“I have always wanted to make a bigger impact and expand my reach to more than just one person at a time. Partnering with organizations to promote healthy living will achieve the benefit of increased production and a more empowered workforce and community.”

Dr. Linda C. Weigand

Lifestyle Coach

Certified Nutritional Therapist

InsideOut Dynamics was established by Dr. Linda C. Weigand in August 1999 with the aim to empower individuals and organizations to “do life better.”

Dr. Weigand started the practice counseling services to church members and staff. Her multi-level practice here in Fayette County has a team of licensed therapists with a range of specializations to serve the spiritual, emotional, physical needs of individuals and families.

In addition to providing therapy to individuals and families, Dr. Weigand enjoys empowering organizations and schools about healthy and successful living. She provides lunch and learning presentations to employees and upper-level management of organizations and other community groups. She also enjoys working with the local school systems to incorporate the use of Tower Gardens in classrooms for health and wellness learning objectives.