Ryan Weigand

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Ryan Weigand is the owner of Paradigm Transformation. He holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and will be completing his Master’s in Human Performance: Strength and Conditioning in December 2019.

Ryan spent a large majority of his life dealing with weight issues and decided to dedicate his life to helping others realize their health and fitness goals. He utilizes an all-encompassing program to address deficiencies, such as poor sleep, micronutrient intake, calorie goals, mindset, and physical activity, in order to allow your body to work for you and stop working against you. Whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, improve your performance, or just become your healthiest self, Ryan wants to help you stop spinning your wheels and finally be your best self! He never stops learning and researching ways to help his clients succeed, and that determination shows through his client’s results.

Specializations include:

  • Transformation – Mind and Body
  • Sleep Health
  • Micronutrient Balance
  • Calorie Goals
  • Lean Muscle Mass

I went into this program looking for functional fitness and now I can run farther and lift heavier, which means I can play more with my kids and am overall a happier momma. That right there is priceless. Ryan sees your health as more than just the physical. To find a trainer that cares about every part of your health is so rare, and I feel so blessed.

Want to work on your physical state while improving your smile? Ryan is your guy. I’ll never let anyone else train me. Ever.” – Brittany W.